I began the analogue documentary photography project "Mango Season" in 2020 just as the pandemic started. This body of work speaks about food insecurity in Venezuela while showing how people strive to live a dignified life in a country sunk in a deep economic, social and political crisis. This project is a love song to Venezuelans.

Working with this now alternative process changed my perspective of time and photography. I taught myself how to develop film and scan it through dozens of YouTube videos and practiced my editing skills. I made countless mistakes, lost a lot of film and chemicals but enjoyed every second of it.

"Mango Season" has been exhibited at the Bronx Documentary Center in New York and the MRO Foundation at Les Rencontres d'Arles. It has also been published at The Washington Post Magazine, Epic Magazine and El País. It was also honored with the POY Latam award in the "Our Gaze" category.

It is an ongoing project. Every mango season brings new images and stories that continue to add and challenge the narrative.

Andrea Hernández Briceño

Andrea Hernandez Briceno Venezuelan visual storyteller journalist and photographer based in Caracas Venezuela working on women centric stories
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