TEDx Talk About Sisterhood and Female Leadership

Talk at the Torre Cinemática in Caracas, Venezuela. Andrea was one of five speakers: Alva Melendez, María Victoria Díaz, Ingrid Serrano Duque and Laura Chimaras.

I had the honor of speaking in a TEDx talk in Caracas about two concepts that are very dear to me: sisterhood and female leadership -and how a story about abortion rights in Venezuela led me to connect them.

Sisterhood is a foreign concept for many. What would a world with more female solidarity be like? This talk invites us to reflect on the importance of not comparing ourselves, of talking about uncomfortable topics and that women's leadership is an infinite space where everyone has the possibility of growing.

This talk is in Spanish.

Andrea Hernández Briceño

Andrea Hernandez Briceno Venezuelan visual storyteller journalist and photographer based in Caracas Venezuela working on women centric stories
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